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Email: support@eblabs.co

EB Market - Open Alpha

EB Market is a new dynamic in online E-commerce. It's hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain, this means that auctions on our platform have the same benefits as any cryptocurrency or cryptocollectible. EB Market has escrow and dispute resolution built right in. Funds are always verifiable and non-paying bidders are not even possible. EB Market also hosts a Feedback/Reputation system so you can always feel confident in buying on our Market. Because it is on the blockchain EB Market is universal. Anyone from anywhere can buy from anyone from anywhere while using the universally accepted currency Ethereum. EB Market's core technology is patent pending. We are currently looking for investors, if you are interested in becoming a part of something big please send us an Email at support@eblabs.co

EB Market is currently in Early Open Alpha. Everyone is welcome to participate and report bugs. Please report any bugs in our forum here ==>> FORUM

For testing purposes selling has been unlocked for everyone. The final version will require anyone that wants to become a seller to be whitelisted by an admin or mod. To become a seller when the final version goes live please send an Email to support@eblabs.co with the subject "Make Me A Seller". Please include the Ethereum address that you want whitelisted.

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Please connect to the Rinkeby Network to participate.